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Healthcare Analytics Regression in R

Linear and logistic regression models can be created using R, the open-source statistical computing software. In this course, biotech expert and epidemiologist Monika Wahi uses the publicly available Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) dataset to show you how to perform a forward stepwise modeling process. Monika shows you how to design your research by considering scientific plausibility selecting a hypothesis. Then, she takes you through the steps of preparing, developing, and finalizing both a linear regression model and a logistic regression model. She also shares techniques for how to interpret diagnostic plots, improve model fit, compare models, and more.

Topics include:

Dealing with scientific plausibility

Selecting a hypothesis

Interpreting diagnostic plots

Working with indexes and model metadata

Working with quartiles and ranking

Making a working model

Improving model fit

Performing linear regression modeling

Performing logistic regression modeling

Performing forward stepwise regression

Estimating parameters

Interpreting an odds ratio

Adding odds ratios to models

Comparing nested models

Presenting and interpreting the final model


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