Java and Android Foundation Download Edx ( professional certificate program)

Edx – Java and Android Foundation – professional certificate program

In this Professional Certificate program, you will learn how to formulate formal solutions to well-defined problems and implement them in Java using an integrated development environment (IDE).

By the end of this program, you will be able to develop simple Java applications or Android apps to realize concepts in your area of expertise.

The program targets learners who have little or no experience of programming.

What You’ll Learn:

Adapt to an effective development life cycle by reading and writing Javadocs, importing third party software libraries and applying testing and debugging skills.

Utilize the event-driven programming paradigm to create programs that execute based on asynchronized events.

Build graphical user interface (GUI) with customizable rendering by using the Java Foundation Classes (JFC).

Develop Android applications with theming and graphics by using Android Material Design elements.

Create Android applications that can offload processing to the background by using asynchronized tasks.


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