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iNetFusion 3.3 2017

We believe in making technology accessible to all. We developed iNetFusion to make the huge resources of internet availabe at your finger tips in seconds. Downloading huge files or just surfing the web, iNetFusion can makes it faster and better. You no longer have to wait for hours download your torrents. Make use of all the internet connections at your disposal for accelerated internet speeds and make time for life.

Load balancer

Load balance all your internet connections and combine them into one fat pipe to the internet.

Download and browse using all the internet around you.

Packed with the optimal load balancing engine makes sure you cruise the internet all guns blazing. Run the application and its done, iNetFusion will take care of the rest.


Live usage statistics and graph view of network traffic via

• Turbo View

• Bar View

• Graph View

Interface Control

• Enables your applications to use all the available bandwidth from all your connections.

• Control the Data Usage for each internet connection by setting data limits(Note: Usage recorded by iNetFusion+ may differ from your ISP traffic metering)

• Disable internet connections you don’t want to be used at the click of a button.

Application Control

• Keep Track of the network applications on your system.

• Disable network access for individual applications.

• Select applications which you want not to be interfered by fusion, such as WebServers etc.

• SAssign internet connections to individual applications. You can, for example download torrents over Wi-fi and surf the web over 3G.


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Enjoy it!


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