Download “Become a living God” FULL series 2018 update

Become a living God FULL series

You’re About To Learn Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Godlike Power

Magick Mastery: Awaken clairvoyance, evoke spirits & raise Kundalini

KeyPathworking: Black Magick, Voodoo, Norse, Qliphoth, Persian, and more

Ritual For Hire: Increase results with love, money, ascent, and defense

Grimoires: Learn entire traditions of magick in priceless books

Talismans: Harness powerful energy with magick jewelry and weapons

Interviews: Hang out with magicians, sorcerers, and witches

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Mastery Series:

Mastering Kundalini & Energy WorkNEW

How to ignite the Kundalini and chakras

Robert Bruce

Mastering Divination & Clairvoyance

Magick rituals that awaken clairvoyance

E.A. Koetting

Mastering Evocation & Possession

Evoke angels & demons to appearance

E.A. Koetting

Mastering Astral Projection

Soul travel to meet Ascended Masters

E.A. Koetting

Pathworking Series:

Order of Eternal AscentNEW

The 18 initiatory flames of the secret order

E.A. Koetting

Haitian Vodoun Mastery NEW

Self-initiation into Haitian Vodoun

E.A. Koetting

The Complete Black Magick

Become an apprentice of the Dark Gods

E.A. Koetting

The Magic of H.P. Lovecraft

Learn to summon the Old Ones

S. Ben Qayin

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