FREE Yoga The Definitive DOWNLOAD Triple DVD Box Set

Yoga The Definitive Triple DVD Box Set


Yoga The Definitive Triple DVD Box Set – Containing Yoga for Absolute Beginners, Power Yoga & Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss – Fit for Life Series

YOGA FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Ok, so you’ve heard about Yoga, but you feel that you need to build up your confidence to tackle some of those unique postures. Well, this innovative programme is for you! Yoga has become one of the most popular alternative lifestyle exercises with a range of benefits from toning your body to relaxation. Susan Foulton (A professional Yoga instructor) demonstrates and guides you through a series of routines specially designed for those who are just starting out in the world of Yoga. Based on the classic Hatha school of Yoga, this programme takes postures to a basic level making them accessible to all. These postures provide you with an all round body POWER YOGA This programme is a complete workout using one of the most popular forms of Yoga. Also known as Ashtanga Yoga these routines use your breath to link movements together in a flowing, fluid motion from one posture to the next, including the famous Sun Salutation and Warrior Poses.

Geared for both beginners and the more experienced you will be able to work at a level you feel most comfortable. Familiarise yourself with the postures whilst encouraging development of muscle strength, endurance and emotional balance. YOGA CONDITIONING FOR WEIGHT LOSS Yoga is a great form of exercise and with the correct guidance it can boost energy levels and condition the body for weight loss. Regular practise will gradually see your body become more toned; you will increase your muscular strength and will promote longer leaner muscles. Your flexibility will also improve, you will increase your core strength (the balance between your abdominal muscles and back muscles) allowing for better posture, balance and coordination. Susan Fulton (a professional instructor) accompanied by a guest presenter, takes you through this beautifully crafted and easy to follow workout. You will be guided through some of the familiar postures of Hatha Yoga including: Sun Salutation, Tree Balance, Half Moon Balance, Boat and Plank. This DVD derives its inspiration and technique from Hatha Yoga and demonstrates two levels of postures covering beginners through to more advanced positions.


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